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Heater Repair

Top-rated heating & air conditioning contractor serving homeowners throughout Charleston, South Carolina and the surrounding areas.

For immediate service give us a call at (843) 564-7777.

Heater Repair Services in Charleston, SC.

To schedule service or get an estimate, please contact our office at (843) 564-7777 or schedule a time that works best for you online.

Premier heating & air conditioning contractor serving Charleston, South Carolina, and the surrounding areas. For immediate service give us a call at (843) 564-7777.

Despite our Charleston winters being relatively mild, you still need a reliable heating system to keep out the chill. Without one, your home or business can become rather uncomfortable. When you have heater problems, call our professional heating and AC team at Anchor Heating & Air for prompt, reliable service.

At Anchor Heating & Air, our experienced technicians take pride in being able to fix the issue quickly. We view our customers as family, so we will always work hard to restore your comfort.

Call us 24/7 for emergency repairs, or use our flexible scheduling to set a convenient appointment. Our skilled team works with all makes and models and can fix everything from air conditioning to a water heater. We also provide an annual HVAC maintenance service plan.

What You Can Expect From Anchor Heating & Air

What brings our customers back to us for heater repair in Charleston, SC? If you ask them, they’ll say it’s our:

  • Honesty and accurate estimate
  • Commitment to outstanding customer service and to acting in the client’s best interests
  • Unwillingness to compromise on quality
  • Dedication to providing the right solution
  • Flexible scheduling
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Expertise, licensing, and certification
  • Swift response
  • Courteous and friendly attitude
  • Extensive array of time-saving processes, like always having repair stock on hand
  • Way of treating every client like the valued person they are to us

The Top Signs You Need Urgent Heater Repair in Charleston, SC

One of the primary signs is that the system stops working. However, there are far more subtle indications for which to look out. If you spot the following signs, call us as soon as possible to avoid a breakdown:

  • Any unusual sounds, especially banging, screeching, or buzzing sounds
  • Increases in your power bill without any seeming reason
  • Sporadic cycling or cycling too frequently
  • A yellow pilot light showing for your furnace
  • Poor airflow
  • Uneven heating
  • The system never reaching the correct temperature

Should you notice these symptoms, call us as soon as possible to avoid a total shutdown.

Image of an Anchor Heating & Air technician performing heater repair in Charleston, SC.

Make it an emergency call if you see any of these in conjunction with your family experiencing fatigue and flu-like symptoms. The latter could result from a cracked heat exchanger and increasing carbon monoxide levels. If you suspect this is the issue, get your family and pets out of the home. Leave the doors open and, if safe, open the windows and then call us.

Our Repair Process

When you call us for heater repair in Charleston, SC, we’ll send someone out as soon as possible. Our technicians will carefully evaluate the system to develop an effective repair strategy. Then we’ll discuss our findings with you and make our recommendations.

Whenever possible, we handle the issue during our visit. We keep our trucks stocked with a range of parts to speed up the repair process. If the problem requires specialized components, these will typically arrive within a few days.

Either way, our friendly technician will keep you informed about where you stand. We’ll work quickly and cleanly without compromising quality.

Our primary goal is always to repair rather than replace your unit. However, there are some cases where a fix is not practical. If it is clearly more cost-effective to implement a new system, we’ll discuss the reasons with you thoroughly.

In that case, we’ll be with you every step of the way, from helping you choose the new system to installing a new unit.

Save Money on Future Heating Repairs

When it comes to heater repair in Charleston, prevention is better than cure. Therefore, we offer our clients the best advice on keeping their systems in top working order. We also offer affordable HVAC maintenance plans to proactively keep your systems in working order.

In the interim, these tips will help you to keep your heating in optimal shape:

  • Change the air filters in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Most manufacturers recommend changing them once every three to six months, so check them regularly for clogging.
  • Clean the systems regularly. Brush off the dust you see and ensure that the area immediately around the system is clear of dirt and debris.
  • Run the system according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • If you notice an issue, contact us immediately for advice and service.

Contact us at Anchor Heating & Air today at (843) 564-7777 to schedule heating and air conditioning repair services in Charleston, SC. We offer emergency service 24/7.

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Customer Reviews

  • Google Reviews 60859d04

    “Fast, friendly and reliable. We had a small AC emergency and they fit us in first thing the next day! They are honest and 100% trustworthy. There’s no upselling or trying to charge for services we don’t need. This locally owned business has our business forever.”

    – Summer C.
  • Google Reviews 60859d04

    “Anchor is quick to respond and has excellent customer service. Mike, our technician, was awesome and very thorough. We had to wait for a part to come in to fix the AC, but it was fixed within a day of his initial visit. Would highly recommend!!!!”

    – Mary W.
  • Google Reviews 60859d04

    “Excellent and thorough preventative maintenance today from Tom. He was on time and explained everything. He was respectful of property and can’t recommend Anchor Heating & Air enough. Great customer service contact with Stephanie.”

    – Cheryl B.
  • Google Reviews 60859d04

    “Brandon was really nice and friendly. He showed up on time. He got the job done very professionally and efficiently. Thank you Brandon and Anchor Heating & Air.”

    – Leilei Z.
  • Google Reviews 60859d04

    “Needed help that day, David and Haleigh came to the rescue. David investigated, didn’t give up, and found the problem. Thank goodness. I feel they saved my unit from being destroyed. Pleasant experience. Also bought contract for yearly service on my two units. Brandon came, was professional, upbeat, and thorough. Would highly recommend.”

    – E Donegan
  • Google Reviews 60859d04

    “Technician was on time professional and very thorough. Anchor is easy to deal with, we had a comprehensive report sent to us the minute the service was complete. It was the best experience we have had dealing with a heating and air company. We are very glad we switched to their service.”

    – Robert L.