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Signs You Need Heating Repair

November 11, 2022
heating repair

Many welcome the chilly months and activities with open arms, while others count the days until summer’s return. As you make the switch from cooling to heating your home, it is important to pay attention to repair warning signs. In this blog, we will discuss common signs your heating unit needs repair so you can avoid discomfort this winter!

Warning Signs

If your heating system needs repair, it will likely show signs before it breaks down. If you or other residents pay attention to warning signals, you will be able to avoid a costly breakdown leaving your home chilly and uncomfortable. Below are 5 signs you need heating repair in Charleston.

  • High Utility Bills
  • Strange Noises
  • Poor Air Quality
  • Little Or No Air Flow
  • Uneven Temperatures

High Utility Bills

If your heating bills are higher than last month or even last year, your heating unit could be to blame. Spikes in utility bills can indicate your unit is using more energy to operate due to a malfunction. This could mean a simple fix such as a dirty air filter or a serious one that should be handled by a professional. Either way – your heating unit will need a costly repair if high utility bills are ignored.

Strange Noises

It is normal for your heating unit to make noises from time to time, but not constantly. Pay attention to all noises, such as:

Banging: Banging noises can mean a variety of things depending on the heating unit. In most units, it can mean an ignition or start up issue.
Rattling: This noise typically indicates there is a loose part in your heating unit. It is important rattling noises are not ignored, because other components of your heating system can be damaged.
Whistling: This sound can indicate poor or blocked airflow. If your heating unit is whistling, check the status of your air filters and vents.

If your heating unit is making strange noises, it is best to call one of our expert technicians. We can quickly identify the source of the noise and repair before more components are damaged or your comfort is sacrificed.

Poor Air Quality

When your heating unit needs repair, your air quality can be sacrificed. If your allergies are heightened or you notice more dust around your home, consider your heating unit. Broken heating systems can allow more allergens to enter and circulate through your home.

Little Or No Air Flow

The most telltale sign of a broken heating unit is if your air vents are blowing little or cold air. As you turn on your heating unit, we recommend monitoring the airflow and temperature that comes from your vents. Airflow issues could mean a variety of things, such as leaky air ducts.

Uneven Temperatures

If you experience hot and cold spots around your home, your heating unit is likely operating with an issue. Uneven temperatures indicate your home’s heating system is struggling to heat your whole house. For your comfort and energy savings, give us a call to identify the source of your heating issue in Charleston!

Should I Repair Or Replace My Heating Unit?

As you experience repair warning signs, you may wonder if you should repair or replace your heating unit. Although repairing is often the cheapest option, replacement could be best for your home and comfort. Consider these factors when deciding whether to repair or replace.

Age. Most heating units last about 15 years. As your unit ages, it becomes less reliable and requires more maintenance.

Frequent Repairs. If your unit requires frequent repairs, replacement could be the best and cheapest option. Repair and technician calls can add up, and your comfort is often sacrificed. Repairing a unit that needs replacing is similar to putting a bandaid over a much larger problem.

High Utility Bills. If your utility bills are high, your heating unit could be using more energy due to its age. New heating units are more efficient and can save you money in the long run.

Pay attention to these warning signs as the chilly season continues, because identifying a problem early can save time, money, and stress this winter. We are here to keep you comfortable and avoid a heating breakdown at all costs. For heating repair in Charleston and surrounding areas, give Anchor Heating And Air a call!

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Written By Stephanie Postell

Stephanie is the Co-Owner and COO of Anchor Heating and Air and is a lifelong resident of Charleston, South Carolina. Stephanie and her husband David have over 30 years experience in heating and air conditioning.

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