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Heater Maintenance

Top-rated heating & air conditioning contractor serving homeowners throughout Charleston, South Carolina and the surrounding areas.

For immediate service give us a call at (843) 564-7777.

Professional Heater Maintenance for Charleston, SC Homeowners

To schedule service or get an estimate, please contact our office at (843) 564-7777 or schedule a time that works best for you online.

Premier heating & air conditioning maintenance service in Charleston, South Carolina, and the surrounding areas. For immediate service give us a call at (843) 564-7777.

Have you ever considered signing up for annual HVAC maintenance plans? Homeowners who arrange with our team at Anchor Heating & Air for our annual heater maintenance in Charleston, SC, benefit from longer-lasting heating units, more energy efficiency (and lower power bills), and enhanced air quality, safety, and comfort. They also receive other perks and discounts, too.

Like any other major appliance, your heating and air conditioning systems require regular tune-ups to keep them in proper working order. Neglecting these tasks allows dirt and debris to accumulate, clogging the systems, and minor issues fester to become major issues as time goes by.

Lack of regular furnace maintenance services will significantly impact the lifespan of your heating system. A clean device in good repair improves comfort, but a neglected unit struggles as the components work harder to keep pace, placing additional strain on the entire system.

Fortunately, a little proactive maintenance is all your furnace or heat pump requires to head off these issues.

The Benefits of Routine Heater Maintenance Services

When you hire us to handle your Charleston heater maintenance, you’ll see the following improvements:

  • Fewer repairs: Repairing your heat pump or HVAC system can be costly. Regular maintenance catches issues while they’re in their minor stage when repairs are cheaper. It also saves other components from breaking while having to compensate for the faulty one.
  • Lower utility costs: Regular heater maintenance in Charleston ensures that all the filters and other parts are clean and in good working order. This cleanout boosts efficiency, reducing how much work your system needs to do and how much power it draws.
  • Easier warranty claims: Hopefully, you’ll never need to claim on your contract. However, if you do need to do so but you haven’t been conducting regular maintenance, you’re in for a shock. Most warranties are contingent on having a certified technician perform annual maintenance.
  • Better air and water quality: Removing the filters and flushing out the system improves the heated air and water quality. Without regularly servicing your HVAC system, you risk fungi or mold growth going undetected. You also increase the chances of excess dust circulating.
  • Better lifespan of the unit: Servicing your HVAC system or heat pump is a small investment with significant long-term results. Manufacturers insist on annual maintenance because it prolongs the system’s useful lifespan.
  • Lower environmental impact: Energy consumption increases when you do not maintain your system. This effect increases the ecological impact of the unit.
  • Keeps you safer: Heating systems that use heat exchanges require regular checks. Should this component crack, the system will leak carbon monoxide into the home. If the levels accumulate sufficiently, this can be fatal.

Is It Time for a Maintenance Service?

We recommend scheduling heater maintenance in Charleston at least once a year. Schedule service with us today if:

  • It has been a year or more since your last check, or if you cannot remember when the last service was.
  • You notice that the system is sluggish in heating or responding to commands.
  • You notice your energy bill increasing but need help understanding why.
  • You notice an increase in allergic reactions or flu-like symptoms in your family.
  • You feel something is off with the system, but you don’t quite know what that is.

Heater Maintenance in Charleston SC.

We offer heater maintenance for all makes and system types. For most households, annually in the fall is adequate for the heating unit, followed by an annual air conditioning service in the spring. The two services together should provide sufficient year-round protection for your family.

However, you might want to have more frequent checkups if:

  • No one in the home can change filters and other consumables
  • You use your system more than average
  • You have family members with allergies
  • You have young children or elderly residents
  • You live in a very dusty area

What a Maintenance Check Involves

During our thorough maintenance check of your heating system, our technician will:

  • Evaluate the system’s overall condition, including ductwork
  • Repair or replace broken or worn parts
  • Test the efficiency of the system overall
  • Replace filters as necessary
  • Recalibrate the thermostat
  • Clean the vital components
  • Look for signs of trouble brewing down the line
  • Flush out everything as necessary

Hire Anchor Heating & Air For Your Heater Maintenance!

Contact our team today for outstanding heater maintenance in Charleston, SC. Call us at (843) 564-7777.

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Customer Reviews

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    “Fast, friendly and reliable. We had a small AC emergency and they fit us in first thing the next day! They are honest and 100% trustworthy. There’s no upselling or trying to charge for services we don’t need. This locally owned business has our business forever.”

    – Summer C.
  • Google Reviews 60859d04

    “Anchor is quick to respond and has excellent customer service. Mike, our technician, was awesome and very thorough. We had to wait for a part to come in to fix the AC, but it was fixed within a day of his initial visit. Would highly recommend!!!!”

    – Mary W.
  • Google Reviews 60859d04

    “Excellent and thorough preventative maintenance today from Tom. He was on time and explained everything. He was respectful of property and can’t recommend Anchor Heating & Air enough. Great customer service contact with Stephanie.”

    – Cheryl B.
  • Google Reviews 60859d04

    “Brandon was really nice and friendly. He showed up on time. He got the job done very professionally and efficiently. Thank you Brandon and Anchor Heating & Air.”

    – Leilei Z.
  • Google Reviews 60859d04

    “Needed help that day, David and Haleigh came to the rescue. David investigated, didn’t give up, and found the problem. Thank goodness. I feel they saved my unit from being destroyed. Pleasant experience. Also bought contract for yearly service on my two units. Brandon came, was professional, upbeat, and thorough. Would highly recommend.”

    – E Donegan
  • Google Reviews 60859d04

    “Technician was on time professional and very thorough. Anchor is easy to deal with, we had a comprehensive report sent to us the minute the service was complete. It was the best experience we have had dealing with a heating and air company. We are very glad we switched to their service.”

    – Robert L.
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